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Presidential Heir Apparent Donald Trump—Funniest Hair Memes!

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Donald Trump's hair really is a gift that just keeps on giving.

The Donald's Presidential run announcement on Tuesday has sent the meme-generators and photoshop into overdrive. The comedy potential is off the charts and the sheer volume of material available just sitting there waiting to be meme'd makes it almost too easy.

You could almost (almost but not quite) feel sorry for the guy—he's super rich, a property magnate and has his own reality show so you could argue he has achieved a lot in his 69 years—yet by a million miles the most talked about thing is his hair.

We know it's not a toupee—no, that style is a conscious decision, and that makes it all the more strange and fascinating. If someone makes that bad a decision about their hair—day out... for decades, then how the fuck can we trust him to make the right decisions to lead our (his words) broken country back to glory?

Just take a moment to reflect on the embarrassing incidents that could arise given Trump's badly behaved mullet, if he actually did become President Trump in 2016? (Just that name  sounds like something out of The Simpsons).

His hair will inevitably take center stage at every single world leader summit—making headlines around the world, in perhaps not the way he would like, if there's a sudden gust of wind (or if somebody trumps).

How about if he's visiting a drought ridden country that has struggled to grow their crops during an extended battle against the elements—there's a careless toss of a cigarette butt and the Donald's straw-like weave sets the whole country up in smoke and back 15 years?

We can't risk the POTUS setting back the future of the developing world that easily!

OK, OK, we jest....

So, let's just get Zen for one moment, and enjoy the Donald's moment in the political spotlight while it lasts ('cos, let's face it, it sure as hell won't make it all the way to The White House......).

Meanwhile, the late night talk show hosts are in their element—there's even a rumor that David Letterman is coming out of retirement, just purely to cash in on this golden comedy opportunity—and, in that spirit, Popdust brings you a gallery of our very favorite Donald Trump hair memes...

Enjoy.. and remember.....We will overcomb!

Oh, and if you really want to get to the bottom of the Donald's hair mystery, we spoke to an expert and here's his findings....


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