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CBD is becoming a huge trend in the health & wellness industry. There are so many brands out there, not to mention so many different ways to use CBD. After a lot of research, our editors have discovered a brand that stands out in a very oversaturated market: Prima.

What really sets Prima apart from other CBD brands is the number of different products they offer. They're not your usual CBD brand that just offers a few tinctures of different strengths. Nope, they have supplements that come in powder and capsule form, as well as topical creams.

Their many products have multiple benefits that can help with stress, sleep, focus, recovery, or skin health. The list includes The Daily Essential Blend for Body & Mind, which is CBD oil in capsule form along with their Rest Easy, Brain Fuel, and The Go-To Elixir, which are CBD Powder stick packs that you add to water, coffee, smoothies or other beverages.

Their skincare range is all about clean beauty. It includes The Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream for Youthful Radiance, Enlightenment Serum Concentrated Boost for Vital Hydration and Even Skin Tone, and the Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil for Hydration & Radiance.

The consensus we've reached after reading tons of reviews of all of their products is that they really work. Prima is definitely a superior brand in the CBD space. Here's what some customers had to say about their products:

The Daily Essential Blend for Body & Mind - "Game Changer. How did I live without this?!"

"This product has honestly been a huge game-changer for me and a beautiful addition to my daily life. I take this product every morning, and it takes the edge off ever so slightly, ensuring a great, calm day. It even helps me with sleep. I will never not have this product in my medicine cabinet." - Stephanie

Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil for Hydration & Radiance - "A staple in my skincare routine now."

"I absolutely love this product! I love the calming and soothing qualities it brings out in my skin. my skin is hydrated glowing and beautiful looking this is definitely a staple in my skincare routine now that I've tried it" - Kristin C

Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soak for Relaxation & Recovery - "Moisturize better than anything I've ever used"

"The bath gems are my favorite Prima product. They moisturize better than anything I've ever used. My skin looks and feels awesome for several days after using one. A great boost for both my mood and skin when both are in need of some extra TLC." - Danielle M

R+R Cream Advanced Recovery Rub for Soothing Comfort - "This is amazing!"

"This is amazing! Perfect for my shoulders after a long day at work. Thank you Prima!" - Brandi P.

Rest Easy Elixir CBD Powder Blend for a Good Night's Sleep - "The ideal sleep"

"I've taken each of the active ingredients separately at different times of my life, but there's something about this particular blend that is insanely powerful. But not overpowering. Simply, I start to feel tired, and my mind becomes still, I fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, and wake up refreshed and in a great mood." - Marissa K

The Trifecta - "I am really enjoying Prima stuff. "

"I am really enjoying Prima stuff. I have been using the go-to for about a month and notice a sense of calm. I like that the brain fuel makes me feel sharp, and the nighttime product helps me get relaxed before sleeping." - Katie R

It's really no surprise that customers are so impressed with The Prima products when you read about how much their products are backed by science and continually tested to guarantee quality and potency. Prima's hemp is tested 5 times during the harvesting, extracting, purification, and manufacturing process.

We'd recommend Prima products to anyone who wants to improve their wellness regime. The Trifeca is just $18, as it's the perfect way to try Prima.

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