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The drama unfolding around Prince's death continues today with news that the 911 caller who found his body may be facing prosecution.

The day before Prince died, April 20, his team were desperately trying to stage an intervention so he could get help for his Percocet addiction. As we now know, he'd OD's the week before and only cheated death then because doctors administered a 'save shot' when his was plane diverted so he could receive emergency medical attention.

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He'd refused to stay in hospital and pictures have emerged of him driving all over the area to different pharmacies.  His entourage had called an opioid addiction expert Dr Howard Kornfield and begged him to fly to Minnesota from his recovery center, Recovery Without Walls in California.  Dr Kornfield was unable to make the trip himself, and so sent his son Andrew Kornfield, also an experienced addiction specialist on his behalf.

When Andrew arrived at Prince's Paisley Park home he and other members of Prince's household started searching for the singer who had not been seen since the previous evening.  As we know, their search ended when they found Prince dead in an elevator and Andrew made the call to 911.

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During the subsequent investigations Andrew was found to have synthetic opiates in his backpack, a drug called buprenorphine which is used to wean people off opiates. Usually the Good Samaritan Act would kick in, which protects people from prosecution for drug crimes if they call 911.

According to TMZ however, the problem for Andrew arises because he was potentially going to get paid for visiting Prince, and this nullifies his Good Samaritan immunity.  He also faces further legal issues because even if his dad, who is a registered Doctor, prescribed the drugs to Prince, Andew is not a doctor plus it's illegal to carry drugs across state lines.

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You'd hope that when it's a clear case of a desperate last ditch attempt to help a drug addict a long way down the path of self destruction that common sense would prevail and no charges against Andrew Kornfield will be filed—but in this situation, which is getting more intense and bizarre by the day, you never know...



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