While his band vamped last night at Madison Square Garden, Prince invited fans one by one onstage to dance with him, then dismissed them, with typical princely whimsy: "Get off the stage!" When one woman seemed slightly hurt by the dismissal, Prince effortlessly assuaged her by confiding to the audience, "She's too sexy!"

The audience was in the palm of his hand as he called onstage the next woman, who happened to be Kim Kardashian, and who acted too embarrassed to dance. Without betraying even a hint of recognition, Prince dismissed her. (He would invite her and others back onstage later in the show.)

Another special onstage guest was opener Cee Lo Green, who joined Prince and his band to provide vocals for Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy":

Last night's show was the fourth "Welcome 2 America" concert at Madison Square Garden, which Prince added after the first three sold out. And even in these short clips the appeal is obvious.