The "Super Bass" princesses have established a pretty sweet gig for themselves, thanks–once again—to the very generous Ellen DeGeneres. Not only do they get to attend big-time industry events and mingle with celebrities on the red carpet, but they've had the privilege of hosting famous people for mid-day snacks, cups of tea and chats about their pets. Justin Bieber's much ballyhooed tea time with Sophia Grace and Rosie made its way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this afternoon. If you've seen what's gone down in previous tea parties with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, you'll know Bieber was in store for some revolutionary ideas from the underage British chatterboxes (you like every KIND of cake?) who look as if they're about to burst before screaming the chorus to "Baby."

The girls are great hostesses, sharing some tips for how The Bieb can conquer his fear of sharks, and offering him some sweet refreshments. "You're the first boy we've ever invited to tea. Would you like to have some cookies?" Cookies are one thing, but no one told The Bieb anything about wearing a tiara and pink tutu. Watch below.