We know: When you saw K-Pop star Psy and '90s mega-rapper MC Hammer performing together at the AMAs, you hoped it was more than just a passing fancy—you hoped it was the start of something real and true between the two pop-rap phenoms. Well, we have good news for you—the two are turning their professional one-night stand into a long-lasting relationship. "We absolutely love working together," Hammer raved to Billboard the night of the AMAs. "He's a very humble man and a hard worker and I love working with him. We are cooking in the kitchen right now." Oooh. With two chefs like that, who knows what they might end up pan-searing?

Also, Psy talked about the inspiration behind working with Hammer in the first place:

When I requested to close the show, me and my manager Scooter Braun talked a lot about… [it needed] to be special, to be big, to be massive, to be you know, something,...So we had a conversation on the phone -- I was in Korea -- and all of a sudden Scooter says 'How about MC Hammer?'

Billboard then reports "describes ten seconds of dead air after Braun said that. "And at the eleventh second we said the same thing at the same time, which was 'WTF.'" That is a conversation we can't wait to see re-enacted on Psy's (or Scooter's) eventual Behind the Music. The wait for the "ten" will be so suspenseful.