While Psy has been taking television stages and award show segments by storm, we've been getting the feeling that no amount of happy faces from Britney Spears could match the pandemonium a live rendition of "Gangnam Style" receives in his home country. This week's concert in Seoul served as proof that our instinct was right. Over 80,000 people showed up for the free show outside the capital's City Hall, causing local police to shut down city streets—a.k.a pull a Team Bieber in Oslo.



The homecoming gave Psy an opportunity to express his sincere gratitude towards the thousands who supported him when he was simply a local hip-hop act, long before his music and tuxedos became a worldwide phenomenon. Along with the now iconic horse-riding dance and "Gangnam Style" chorus, he also delivered the most endearing, albeit self-deprecating, quote ever: "I did not get here because I was worthy of it. I’m here because of all of you. I’m just a fat man with two kids."



But since we've given him this wild ride, he might as well run with it—for the good of his home country. "It’s a golden opportunity to show the world how well we Koreans play, he told the audience. It appears his time in the United States has introduced him to at least one of the many great wonders of Rick Ross. There was fire, people screamed and Psy got shirtless.



With Bieber, Our Girl Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson lighting things up in the States, perhaps Maybach Music Group isn't the only "untouchable empire" in the music world today. Psy loves what went down in Seoul, South Korea is likely still celebrating and you better BELIEVE Scooter Braun is a happy man.


What can we say? The guy is great at multi-tasking. Watch below.