Ryan Seacrest invited the South Korean superstar Psy to his On Air radio show to chat about the effects of his "Gangnam Style" and signing with Scooter Braun. These include but are not limited to: quickly adopting the Schoolboy life by partying with The Wanted and attending the VMAs. Both are fun (we'd imagine) but you know you've really made it when the man with 37 jobs finds the time to talk to you.

The two discuss Psy's ongoing transition from South Korean hip-hop act to global phenomenon, thanks to his mix of "classy and cheesy," which has proven to transcend any language and cultural barriers. He admitted to initially accepting his role in the music world as a mentor to emerging acts from his homeland, not a K-pop star worldwide. "The K-Pop artists in this country, most of them are boy bands or girl bands and most of them are junior to me in Korea," he explained. "That was my role in Korea, I never expected I’d become a K-Pop star. That was my job, buy a drink to the juniors who go overseas.” He also shed some light on his personal life, revealing himself to be the father of two girls (cool dad alert!) who'd rather talk about concerts than their increasingly famous parent. Enjoy their chat below.

Just like the beginning of football season, baseball playoffs welcome a new opportunity to parody your favorite song of the moment with some unexpected performers. Major League Baseball has joined the "Gangnam Style" craze with a new promo hyping the impending postseason, brought to us by the talented Gordon Mack. The video features the literal and metaphorical big heads of today's superstars against the memorable backdrops of Psy's video. And because it would likely be too much of a hassle to rope Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, Albert Pujols and many others into one room during the regular season—not to mention teach them the specific choreography—all athletes included are "dancing" along thanks to the power of technology. Play ball!