Frank Ocean wasn't the only buzzed-about artist who made an appearance on last night's Saturday Night Live season premiere. With Scooter Braun cheering in the wings, viral video phenom Psy was first mimicked by cast member Bobby Moynihan, who did a wonderful rendition of the "Gangnam Style" dance. After a build-up including the addition of an actor doing Psy's yellow-suited Gangnam sidekick, comedian Yoo Jae-Seok, two background dancers and a horse, Psy finally appears to show off his signature moves.

Does this mean Psy will be performing on Saturday Night Live this season? How long will we all be doing the Gangnam Style dance? If you recall, just under a year ago barely anyone had heard of Frank Ocean. Now both of them, Internet-driven musicians, are performing on the SNL premiere. Beware the viral video!

Check out Psy on SNL below: