PSY Hits The Studio With is no stranger to K-pop. The Black Eyed Peas frontman has been trying to crack 2NE1 in the States for years now, and even included them on his failed solo album, #willpower.

Now Will's turned his attention over to 2NE1's labelmate, PSY, hitting the studio with the "Gangnam Style" rapper to record some new tunes for his upcoming album.

"Gethering with this guy!!," wrote PSY in a misspelled tweet. "@iamwill always giving me somthing good because he's something good!! lol."

Hopefully whatever Will gives PSY is better than 2NE1's generic #willpower cut, "Gettin' Dumb" -- or any of the stuff that made Britney Jean. PSY's music may not be the most cutting-edge creative electro-pop ever made, but it's still a few steps up from whatever's produced recently.

Good luck, PSY. You'll need it.

[Via Twitter]