First-time Video Music Award nominees The Wanted took the stage for a pre-VMA concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, where they continued to hint at their new single, worked in an early birthday celebration for Max George and paid tribute to one of the catchiest songs in the world right now.

"So we have a friend that's joining us tonight... he has the biggest amount of followers on YouTube," Max told the crowd in between well wishes from fans with one-track minds. "Come on Psy!" the boys shouted off stage, before the newest signee to Schoolboy Records, and defending Pop-Off champion, took his place front and center. Yes, that would be the "Gangnam Style" guy and the "Glad You Came" blokes sharing the same stage. It might seem like an odd fit, but from Canada to South Korea, The Wanted have proven they're all about supporting the little showbiz family Scooter Braun has provided them with.

Psy does his thing, Nathan shakes his thing and all five boys display a very acceptable version of the "Gangnam Style" horse-riding dance (starting at 2:03). Put a little back into it, Tom!

Between Siva's false alarm and Jay's determination to post up well before his cue, it's clear the guys have done this before. Maybe Psy is changing TW's take on choreography?

We'll take more of this, please. If Scooter's clients are going to hang out with fellow heartthrobs and make "teenage heads explode," the least they can do is film it for all of us normal folk to enjoy from our much more modest homes. Watch below.