Psy Taught the "Gentleman" Dance to the Most Hated Man on TV

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Few people have had more divergent career paths in the past year or so than Psy and Matt Lauer. At the start of 2012, Psy was a B-List K-Pop rapper, while Lauer was the popular host of the no. 1 morning show in country. Now, Psy is the first Korean act to break into the US mainstream, while Lauer has managed to surpass Jay Leno has the most hated man on television.

In the interest of balance, Psy stopped by Today this morning to attempt the herculean feat of making Matt Lauer likable again. He gave Lauer his trademark "Gentleman" glasses and even got the host to break his 17-years-long "no dancing" rule.

Did it work? Sort of! Lauer turns out to be surprisingly limber, springing across the Today stage like an ibex on the savannah. And he's also pretty good at what Psy calls the "arrogant move," though that might have been expected.

Watch the video below:

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