PSY To Ditch EDM For Hip-Hop On Upcoming Single 'Hangover'

After riding the EDM wave to the pinnacle of viral superstardom, PSY is set to switch gears into the current genre-of-the-moment --that would be hip-hop-- for his upcoming single, "Hangover."

PSY described the new tune as, "totally hip-hop with 808s." He also says he'll be rapping on the track, with the help of guest feature Snoop Dogg.

People who were just introduced to PSY through "Gangnam Style" might not know this, but the now 36-year-old has been rapping for years in Korea. However, his music has rarely ever been hip-hop in the mainstream style that Americans are used to, with PSY usually fusing the genre with other styles like rock, folk, dance, or funk, in addition to the comedic elements he sometimes adds to his music.

Look out for "Hangover" to premiere on June 8 on Jimmy Kimmel Live.