PSY's "Gangnam Style" Follow-Up, "Gentleman," Gets a Release Date

Approximately eight months after "Gangnam Style" was released and subsequently took over the internet and pop culture as we know it, PSY is back and finally ready to release an official follow up.

According to a teaser photo posted on YG Entertainment's official blog, PSY's new single, "Gentleman," will drop on April 12. Whether or not that also includes the music video premiere is unclear at this point.

We don't know a whole lot about "Gentleman" just yet, but judging by some leaked photos from the set of the single's music video, it's going to follow a similar theme to "Gangnam Style." The entire cast of popular Korean variety show, Infinity Challenge, have been tapped to appear, following the previous appearance of two of the cast members in "Gangnam Style" (one of them was the dude in the cowboy hat dancing in the elevator). PSY's also snagged Brown Eyed Girls' babe, Ga-In, to star as the video's token hot female lead, following HyunA's iconic role in "Gangnam Style."

No matter what PSY does with "Gentleman," following up the biggest song of 2012 is going to be met with instant criticism and disappointment from those eager to brand the K-pop veteran a one-hit-wonder. But as long as the song is as good as "Gangnam Style" (which shouldn't be too hard considering that it's essentially just an LMFAO single sung in Korean) and the music video is comedic gold (again, that shouldn't be too hard since PSY has been making hilarious videos for years now) then PSY could easily smash the global charts a second time.

After all, wasn't "Bad Romance" just a super upgraded version of "Poker Face?"

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