​HIP HOP | Beatbox Championship in Brooklyn


What? Eighth Annual American Beatbox Championships

Where? Brooklyn Bazaar (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

When? November 10-12

I have a dope update for yall, man. There's going to be an extra fire national beatboxing competition right here in Brooklyn this weekend (Nov 10-12). Featured performers include recognized beatboxers from other countries coming by to show you why they're famous, the best of the best from other elements of hip hop such (emceeing, breakdancing, graffiti, and turntablism).

You can attend the event or you can watch the live stream. (The live stream only costs $4). For both of these, you can earn back 100% of what you paid and prizes if you share your ticket code (bruh). I like the live stream idea because you can have friends over to watch it or have it in the background during whatever festivities. It can also be a cool thing to play at your venue or bar. I'm sure your patrons will appreciate the break for sports for in exchange for something that is more connected with what may be going on at the venue. Support independent artists and creating a great platform to further build a culture that we all love. There are tons of accommodations and hotel deals that also come with purchasing a ticket, so be sure to check the links below for the list.

I was there last year and have seen these beatboxers in person. It was my first time attending something centered around beatboxing and I was friggin' blown away. This is something that is good for the beatboxing and hip hop culture as a whole. Apparently, there's a whole world of lineages, history of different styles and sounds. My background is more in rap, so I know how deep that rabbit hole is as a subculture. I had no idea that it was also that deep with beatboxing. I have a whole new appreciation and respect for the craft, community and the culture. What I saw last year was a really tight and loving community of people who are on the up and up of who is who. which makes it that much more amazing when a new jack comes and sets the stage on fire. Everyone showed so much love and respect for what each other was doing. If you want to compete, please register. I think you'll find it to be a great experience.

Competition Categories:

  • Solo
  • 2 on 2
  • Loop Station

List of Featured Beatboxers / Judges:

  • Expert international Beatboxers including The Beatbox House
  • 3X Chinese Champion Zhang Ze, 2X French Champion Alexinho
  • Former 2X American Champ & current Vice World Champion NaPoM


  • 5-Points All-Stars Graffiti

Special Recognition

  • 2-time Grammy winner Rahzel who will be receiving the first annual ABC Lifetime Achievement Award


By: Quinton Counts. He is an emcee, djay, and podcast host of Art VS Life, which is a podcast and event series that is designed to serve, inform, and inspire independent artists and curators. He hails straight from Harlem.

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