REVIEW | Bee Bee Sea's explosive "Sonic Boomerang"

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Meet Bee Bee Sea, a punk trio from the industrial outskirts of Northern Italy who demand your attention.

The three-piece band are hot on the heels of releasing their upcoming effort, Sonic Boomerang, which is coming out via Dirty Water Records USA and Wild Honey Records. The record is their first full-length LP, after previously unleashing some serious garage rock projects. Their self-titled debut album (via Glory Records, their very own label) came out into the world in 2015, introducing themselves as ones not to be messed with. What followed was a short but long-lived EP "3 Songs and Jacques Dutronc" around a year later. During this year the band began to tour with some impressive acts, such as Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips, Night Beats and King Khan & the Shrines.

Bee Bee Sea might be the most impressive punk band to come out of Italy in a while, giving their sound a unique quality you can't quite put your finger on. Their latest single released this week, "D.I. Why Why Why", is a culmination of what makes their sound so special in the first place. It's an energetic shout-along track that encourages you to dance around your room at four in the A.M. It's a bit psychedelic, a bit punk rock - all the waves that keep the world spinning. Sonic Boomerang is a whole is one head-spinning record from start to finish, overflowing with energy. It's an album that showcases the biggest and the best that Italy's punk scene has to offer.

Earlier this year, Noisey aired a piece on all the ways the punk rock scene in Italy keeps the country afloat. It's a scene that's kept cities from the rapid process of gentrification. "There's a thirteen, fourteen year old kid who shows up at every DIY concert in town, he's called Vincenzo. You'll notice him easily in the crowd. The youngest person, apart from him, is at least twenty-six years old. Did we skip a generation? I mean, it's not as if there are less twenty-year-olds in this town. They obviously don't listen to this kind of music anymore. They're more into rap, for instance. This kind of music we call "punk" maybe didn't speak to them, it didn't make them understand what's at the core of it, behind the jackets and tattoos, beyond fashion, patches and hairdos. We think Vincenzo represents the new generation and, if we skipped one, we should try and make what we do an important channel to express what it means to stand against something, to feel the need of an alternative, to feel the urge to say no," says Raudo of experimental band Laghetto fame. "It doesn't matter what we will do in this regard, but how we will do it. Probably, since it's 2017, we can't just re-hash meanings and contents that were invented in 1977, 1982, 1987 or during the aughts. We'll need contemporary tools and manners, as complex as the times we are living. Most of all, we'll need to learn how to communicate contents and anger—anger as Pasolini intended it. Because, if there's no anger, this musical genre, its attitude and everything that revolves around it, does not exist."

If you haven't heard of Bee Bee Sea before, it's no wonder - they're a big hit in Italy yet virtually unknown here in the States. However, that just makes discovering their tunes all the merrier, and if you're anything like us, you'll be shouting along to every word on Sonic Boomerang this fall.

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Sonic Boomerang is out 11/17 via Dirty Water Records. Check out their EU tour dates below:

7 Nov - Perugia, Urban Club
18 Nov - Rosà (VI), Vinile Club
1 Dec - Milano, Circolo Magnolia
15 Dec - Brescia, Lio Bar (Release Party)
16 Dec - Teramo, Fazenda
22 Dec - Parma, WOPA
23 Dec - Ravenna, Bronson
13 Jan - Mezzago (MB), Bloom
2 Feb - Piacenza, Musici Per Caso
3 Feb - Schio (VI), CSA Arcadia
17 Feb - Padova, Fishmarket

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