BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN | What's coming to theaters this weekend?

NOVEMBER 3rd - 5th | Moms go bad, Thor lets his hair down, and more to explore!

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As great as sitting at home on your couch can be, there's still nothing quite like going to the movies.

In Popdust's new column, Box Office Breakdown, we aim to inform you of the top flicks to check out every weekend depending on what you're in the mood to enjoy. Looking to laugh? What about have your pants scared off? Maybe just need a little love? Whatever the case may be, we have it.

Take a peek at our top picks for this week...

A Bad Mom's Christmas

STX Films | Written and Directed By Jon Lucas, Scott Moore | Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn

It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless of course you're the person who's doing all of the planning to ensure everyone else is having a good time. That's the bone the ladies of the Bad Moms franchise has chosen to pick in their sequel feature flick. Amy (Kunis), Kiki (Bell), and Carla (Hahn) reunite to bemoan the maternal drudgery of the holiday season, coming to the conclusion once again that it's not worth the effort they put in. The moms make a pact to forgo the tidings and trimmings for the year and opt to relax, but when their moms all come to town the week before the holidays, things become a little more complicated. See some classic mother-daughter arguments go down (what would you do if your mom moved in next door?) and find out what the true spirit of Christmas really is: drinking enough wine to survive your family.

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Entertainment | Directed By Taika Waititi | Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett

The people at Marvel never seem to take a break in their work. This holiday season, in addition to their television shows, they've expanded the story of Thor in their latest big screen project. We find Thor (Hemsworth) has been imprisoned and his hammer is halfway around the universe from him, rendering him powerless. However, then, will he be able to stop the all-powerful and evil Hela (Blanchett) from destroying his hometown, Asgard, and annihilating Asgardian civilization all together? Can Thor stop the all-out "Ragnarok?" Not without a few obstacles getting in the way first, including a gladiator contest against his fellow Avenger and former friend, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Expect with this the same you do of all superhero movies, with nothing more or less influencing your ticket purchasing decision — unless you base your movie preferences on the most abs, because this flick probably takes the cake in that category this week.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

A24 | Written and Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos | Starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan

If you didn't manage to get your frights out on Halloween, fear not, for the latest film from the director of The Lobster will certainly have you clinging to the edge of your seat and trying not to cover your eyes. In what Nicole Kidman has called one of her strangest films yet, we find what we think is a fairly normal family living their daily lives, interrupted by the arrival of Martin (Keoghan), who is seeking out revenge after Steven (Farrell), the patriarch, he believes somehow caused the death of his father. Despite Steven's attempts to take the young boy under his wing and show him the pleasures of family, Martin's behavior continuously turns darker, leading to Steven having to make the ultimate decision of sacrificing one of his family members of risking the possibility of slowly losing them all. You'll be hooked up until the end, though your nails might be digging into your palms.

Last Flag Flying

Amazon Studios | Directed By Richard Linklater | Starring Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne

Get ready to feel all sorts of things with the director of Boyhood's return to the world of film. After premiering at the New York Film Festival this fall, Last Flag Flying is ready to soar across the country, its household name stars leading the way for what is likely to be an Oscar contender. Three friends who met while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War — Doc (Carrell), Sal (Cranston), and Mueller (Fishburne) — are reunited when they discover that Doc's only son has been killed while serving overseas in Iraq. An emotional journey is further complicated regarding disagreements of where to have the burial and mixes emotions about the path that the young man took, that all of these men took, to arrive at their current places in life. As Linklater reflects on a war that has shaped many of our lives in one way or another, he'll bring you to an emotional pile of tears.

And our ⭐️ TOP PICK ⭐️ ...

Lady Bird

A24 | Directed by Greta Gerwig | Starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf

Remember what it was like to try and discover who you were meant to become? Maybe that's the thing we're all always looking for, a topic explored superbly in a film I can't say enough good things about from a very talented triple threat director, writer, and actress, Greta Gerwig. In this coming-of-age story of Christine "Lady Bird" (Ronan), we see a young woman with big dreams itching to get of the her yawn-inducing Sacramento lifestyle while her mother (Metcalf) worries about what lies ahead for her daughter once she is able to spread her wings. This funny, charming, and just the right amount of sentimental story will tug on your heartstrings and make you relive your own teenage years, regardless of decade, as we see Lady Bird divulge in bad boyfriends, wild antics, and maybe just a journey to finding her purpose, while answering the questions of how we express love and how this helps us spread our wings and fly.

Really like a film you see or know of one coming soon that we should check out? Shoot me an email and let me know!

Rachel A.G. Gilman is a writer, a radio producer, and probably the girl wearing the Kinks shirt. Visit her website for more.

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