20 thoughts I had catching up on Game of Thrones

All seven seasons in one month brought on a lot of feels.

*Spoiler warning*

It's no secret that Game of Thrones has been one of television's best shows for the past seven years. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it. "Seven seasons seems like a big commitment," says the girl who has binged That 70's Show and Friends in the past year. Finally, my cousin sat me down and made me watch the Pilot and after the first fifteen minutes, I was braiding my hair and proclaiming myself Mother of Dragons IRL. Allow me to take you through my last month.

The patriarchy is strong in the Seven Kingdoms

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This is in reference to King Baratheon before I really understood who was who. Did we not all totally relate to the shade Arya threw when she was overlooked for her brother. Some brilliant foreshadowing by the makers of GoT too.

It's ok Arya, we all know what's coming for you.

When I accepted the inevitable

I guess I was very late to the general infatuation with the tall, dark, and handsome bastard son of Ned Stark, but yes, Kit Harington is totally my GoT #mancrusheveryday.

And really, can you blame me?

Oh the misogyny...

If I didn't get it loud and clear from the first moments of GoT, Viserys, a.k.a probably the worst character, made it loud and clear that misogyny is the norm in the Seven Kingdoms.

And while I crowned him King of misogyny, I had a feeling the ladies were getting fed up and would revolt eventually.

The Starks are good people

I definitely was not exempt from the realization that The Stark family are good people and bad things always happen to them.

Read: all of the bad things that happened to the Starks and their wolves.

Sansa is annoying

Sansa Stark played by Sophie Turner

I was midway through Season 1, when I complained to my friend about how annoying Sansa is in comparison to her fierce sister Arya, when my friend said, "yeah, but you are Sansa." I was SO offended.

Scratch that...

I quickly changed my mind and realized my friend was totally right and realized Sansa is strong, resilient, and very relatable. Read: 20+ Photos of the resilient women on Game of Thrones that mirror today's resilient women.

Joffery is the WORST

Joffery Baratheon played by Jack Gleeson

Season 1: Joffery is such a brat.

Season 2: ...a brat that is now in charge of the Seven Kingdoms...

Season 3: shit.

Season 4: Thank the lord of light that's over (wow this show has made me a bad person.)

I am Khaleesi.

Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke


Was it when she dealt with being man-splained that it was basically her job to get married and make babies?

The Daily Meal

When she literally was a heart breaker?

Business Insider

Or when she emerged from flames flanked by baby dragons, that I realized...

I. am. the mother of dragons. She is me.

But I'm pretty sure we all had this reaction. Who wouldn't want to be just like Daenerys 'Stormborn' Targaryen? She's kind, empathetic, smart, brave, and ambitious.

Wow, I hate Tyrion.

Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage

Maybe it was the abundance of booze and his frequency at the local brothel that made me loathe Tyrion Lannister initially.

Tyrion is not the worst Lannister.


Tyrion, though thought to be the sleeziest of Lannisters proved to be quite the opposite when he was forced to marry Sansa Stark. He was a perfect gentleman the entire time and even offered his compassion for the unfortunate series of events Sansa has endured.

Wow, I love Tyrion.


Tyrion has one of the best arcs on television. I fangirled over his and Dany's friendship and partnership that developed over Season 7. He's SUCH a good hand to the queen.

Oh yeah, Bran and Rickon exist.

Bran (Issac Hempstead Wright) and Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson)

Game of Thrones Wikia

With all of the action, it was easy to forget about the youngest Stark children.

But when Rickon died, we all definitely got the feels. Mainly because of how upset Jon was to have failed to save his little brother. Let's not forget how brave Rickon was in protecting Bran throughout the first few seasons.


Or how vital Bran has become to basically everyone, holding knowledge of the past, present, and future that helped to incriminate Lord Baelish and provide us with the knowledge that Jon and Dany are weirdly related.

Do I love or hate Cersei?

Cersei Lannister played by Lena Headey


In Season 1, though the incest, secrets, and manipulation left me thinking Cersei is very twisted, I did sympathize with her a little bit.

Sansa and Cersei


Like when Cersei did her best to explain that it's like to be a woman in the Seven Kingdoms to Sansa. She basically advised drinking heavily and loving your children because men will always betray you- relatable ladies?

However, Season 7 Cersei proves that her children were the only thing that kept her from being ruthless.

Ramsay is worse than Joffery

Ramsay Bolton played by Iwan Rheon

Cheat Sheet

Remember when we thought Joffery was the worst? We stand corrected. Ramsay is a nightmare and it's just Sansa's luck that she was stuck with two complete monsters.

Brienne is representation

Brienne of Tarth played by Gwendoline Christie

Game of Thrones Wikia

Brienne of Tarth seems to be the first lady of the Seven Kingdoms to break gender norms and become a knight instead of the lady of her house.

Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark engage in a friendly sword fight.


Arya meeting Brienne is actual proof that representation matters. She looked so empowered by seeing another lady has succeeded at what she dreams to do.

Speaking of Arya, she is lethal

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

Remember wide-eyed Arya Stark in the Pilot watching her brother Bran shoot arrows? She's had quite the arc too.


At one point it seemed like everyone in the Seven Kingdoms wanted her dead. Arya endured going undercover, training the with Faceless Men, and a long journey back to Winterfell only to become one of the most lethal characters on the show.

Sansa and Arya talk in Season 7, Episode 6.


Her poker face, beaten into her by the Faceless Men, is so good that you question her motives, but the Season 7 finale proved that she will always be true to the Stark house and her family regardless of their past.

Daenerys always makes an entrance

Dany riding one of her dragon children.

Winter is Coming

In the Season 7 finale, Cersei is annoyed that Daenerys traveled separately and arrived late to their tense meeting to discuss the Night King.

Winter is Coming

But if you didn't know that Dany always makes an entrance you have not been paying attention Cersei!


And her entrance to King's Landing was no exception.

Sam is the overlooked MVP

Samwell Tarly played by John Bradley


Though Sam was overlooked because he preferred books and knowledge to swords and war when he was a part of the Knight's Watch, he has become an integral character in the series with a great arc. He left the Knight's Watch to learn more about the threat to the Seven Kingdoms and without him, Jon Snow and Cersei would probably be at battle unaware of how big a threat the Night King really is.

More incest?!

Dany and Jon discuss politics.

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It was hard to miss the immediate chemistry between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow when they finally met in Season 7. It makes total sense, they're both kindhearted and noble leaders and goals are the two of them leading Westeros side by side.

Rhaeger Targaryen and Lyanna Stark

But, if you were paying attention in Season 6, there are major hints that suggest that Dany is Jon's aunt as her older brother Rhaeger had a child in secret with Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark's sister), making their inevitable relationship incestuous.

But, we're ok with it.


But since we'e been forced to accept Jamie and Cersei's incestuous relationship, can't we let this one slide? They're so PERFECT.

Oh, and we're doomed.



At the end of Episode 6 in Season 7, when Viserion opened his eye to reveal he had been turned into a zombie in the Night King's army, we knew that Westeros was screwed, but the end of Season 7 was the confirmation we needed when Viserion destroyed The Wall in just a few icy breaths. This made us even more excited for Season 8.

Actual footage of me trying to keep calm waiting a whole year for Season 8 when I know Westeros is in great danger.

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