REVIEW | An update on the classic cabaret scene at The Green Room 42

The Green Room 42 updates the classical cabaret live experience

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Hidden away on the fourth floor of Yotel on 42nd and 10th is the modern musical theatre lover's paradise.

Neighboring the successful restaurant The Green Fig, The Green Room 42 is New York's hottest new cabaret lounge and with good reason. A twist on classic cabaret lounge, The Green Room 42 takes us into the 21st century with modern, urban stylings to match their technologically advanced service style and unique shows that provide you all of your favorite songs and performers with a creative streak.

The Venue

Take the elevator to the fourth floor of Yotel and make a right. Just past The Green Fig, is The Green Room 42. The venue is lined with booth seats that feature custom graffiti art and cabaret tables are strategically placed throughout the space. The overall aesthetic is the Yotel's signature purple color with pops of other vibrant colors, modernizing the traditional red and b black cabaret color scheme. The stage itself flaunts a gorgeous baby grand and is well lit. The sound in the venue is state of the art. Throughout my time there, I never had difficulty hearing a performer and the engineer was able to get a little creative in his sound design.

Something very notable is The Green Room 42's unique ordering style. While a server does make rounds, during the show, it's suggested and encouraged that if you need to get the server's attention to tap your light off which signifies that you need service or to text to order. The Director of Programming, Daniel Dunlow, even suggested that you can order Grubhub from them and set the delivery location to their address and they'll know it's for you. My time at The Green Room 42 was definitely some of the best service I've experienced in the city.

Speaking of which, Daniel Dunlow seems to be the heart and soul behind the venue. He told me, "Imagine if the guy in La La Land loved Ethel Merman. That's me and that's Green Room 42." A strikingly accurate analogy, Mr. Dunlow works to cultivate the best possible programming at The Green Room 42 and has truly delivered. The Green Room 42 has boasted legends like Angela Lansbury, Alice Ripley, Lillias White,and more. In addition, Dunlow also often gets Broadway casts out on their dark night or after a show to do one at his venue. While still managing to keep the prices of his venue affordable, sometimes as low as $15, Dunlow provides New York City with top of the line entertainment.

The Show

I was fortunate to visit The Green Room 42 when they were taking part in NYMF as a venue. I love seeing new works and last Thursday, I got to see Happily the Musical at The Green Room 42. It's definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for in the future. Happily is a new musical about the leading preparatory academy for fairy tale characters. The musical features characters that are equally very real and illustrations of the traditional fairy tale archetypes though you find most of them break their archetype through their individually dynamic arcs throughout the show. The show is about being in charge of your own destiny, breaking gender norms, and touches on the trivial nature of cliques and stereotypes. The show is being developed as educational theatre for young adolescents; however, I as an adult was beaming the entire time. Though the show is written to appeal to a younger demographic, it is mature and has a lot of depth. While, there are still moments they are working out because the show is in development, this is definitely a show I'd love to have around when I have kids that age. The performers were individually very talented and unique. The Green Room 42 served as a great facility to this size show as they used very simple shifts on stage, action, and lighting to move the story along. The sound system at The Green Room 42 did a great job of supporting a cast of nine vocalists singing at the same time with a stunning mix.

What's Next

8/9-8/16 - Villian De Blanks: A fill in the blanks comedy featuring some of Broadway's brightest stars.

8/11 - Stephanie's Child: A drag pop vocal trio.

8/12 & 8/19 - Dueling Pianos

8/13 - Russ Kaplan's Broadway Jazz Session: Composer of In Transit joins the Green Room 42 for a night of jazz with special guests.

8/20 - Show Swap: The casts of Aladdin sings Boubill-Schonberg and the cast of Miss Saigon!

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.


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