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Lana Del Rey releases dreamy new music video for "White Mustang"

The pop songstress leaves her lover behind in this Rich Lee-directed video

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Lana Del Rey has released a dreamy music video for "White Mustang", one of the sultrier dark pop songs off her latest effort, Lust For Life.

If there's one thing you have to give Del Rey credit for, it's that she doesn't hold back when it comes to her music videos. Ever since her break-out single "Born To Die" and the music video that followed that solidified her brand and aesthetic for years to come, she's been serving us with some pretty impressive visual feasts. While "White Mustang" might not carry the same punch as her other strong pop singles, it still sets the backdrop to a dreamy music video where Del Rey takes the wheel of a mustang and leaves her lover (played by Icelandic actor Eðvarð Egilsson) behind.

It's pretty, haunting, and vaguely futuristic - shots of a city skyline that may or may not exist and evolved computer screens give us the feeling of missing a romance that may not have even happened yet. This nostalgic factor is one of the most appealing traits of Del Rey's sound, providing us with the perfect soundtrack to break our own hearts to. "Summer's meant for loving and leaving / I was such a fool for believing that you / Could change all the ways you've been living / But you just couldn't stop," she croons, lamenting a romance that's already burned to the ground.

Del Rey, in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, opened up about the changing of the winds that led to the writing process behind Lust For Life. "It's the first time in 10 years I really feel like culture and things are shifting socially in such a big way," she said. "It would be weird not to shift with it. I felt a natural shift, but I felt like I wanted to give more. I didn't want to be in my head as much." Many are eagerly anticipating new collaborations with A$AP Rocky, though, who Del Rey featured in her music video for National Anthem. "He travels a lot but sometimes he's in town for a month and, when he is, I'll come to the studio and hear what he's working on and do background vocals on his tracks," Del Rey said of Rocky. "There probably are a lot of tracks somewhere that we're both on over the years. We do 'em and forget em and if one's better than all of them, like this one, we try to put it out."

Lust For Life was well-received by critics, generally called "sincere, sublime and beautiful." It's a nod to the old Lana who dubbed herself "the gangsta Nancy Sinatra" - while sultry hip hop beats float in and out, Del Rey's subtly powerful vocals stay the same. As Kevin Long from GQ Magazine wrote, "Like Lorde's Melodrama, Lust For Life is an accomplished piece of art, an antidote to the banal tunes permeating the charts and one of the best albums released this year so far."


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