PREMIERE | Maggie McClure releases her EP "Color It Up"

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"...releasing this project has been to put some feel-good music out there to lift peoples' spirits."

LA based singer-songwriter Maggie McClure has been gaining some serious momentum and recently dropped her anticipated EP Color It Up. In the past, Maggie has opened for house hold names like Sara Barielles and has had her songs on MTV, CBS, TBS, and other major networks. Maggie has also performed the official holiday halftime show at Madison Square Gardens for the NY Knicks. Whether Maggie's voice is familiar to you or not you'll note it for it's sweetness.

The Norman, Oklahoma native is known for her confrontational song writing style. While certainly in the past with songs like Liar, Liar and It's Alright, that seems to be true but this new EP seems like an all new voice for Maggie. In Color It Up, Maggie maintains a positive disposition. Maggie said, ""The whole idea behind writing/releasing this project has been to put some feel-good music out there to lift peoples' spirits. So often we miss out on the joy in life because we don't recognize it in the small everyday moments. I hope this EP encourages people to take notice of the everyday joy in their own lives."

The first thing I noticed about Maggie's EP is that she can write a great hook. All of the songs on the EP have similar bounce and use vocal ad libbing in the hook to create a really visceral sound. The first song "Color It Up" encouraged listeners to take ownership of their own happiness and to color up their life. McClure makes a great use of percussion throughout the EP, but most notably in "Be Right Here for You" where an orff instrument takes the lead in the introduction and between verses.

"Off The Map" is one of my two favorite song on the album. The song seems to ebb and flow. The carefree lyrics make you want to hop in your car and drive in no particular direction. "Brighten Up My Day," is almost a love letter thanking her loved one for keeping the long, mundane days bright. "Do It Again," would be other favorite solely for the strong heartbeat of the song. "You For Me," is a sweet love song. The western -inspired guitar part and percussion is very telling of Maggie's Oklahoma roots.

Stream Color It Up here.

If you love Maggie McClure fear not! Having played over 1,000 shows in over 40 states, she's sure to stop nearby your hometown soon. You can tune into Facebook Live tomorrow night to watch her EP release show in her native Oklahoma City, OK.

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