PREMIERES | Six new songs to play on repeat to this weekend.

Featuring 'Cover Girls' by Hitimpulse and 5 more rising artists that are gracing us with songs to carry us through all the dancing, brunching, and R + Ring.


No need to sift through your Spotify Discover Playlist, we found these gems for you.

Cheers to the weekend! No matter what you're doing this weekend from relaxing to going out to throwing a party, we've got you covered with these new artists to look out for.

Cover Girls by Hitimpulse

Hitimpulse gained popularity with their cover of Ed Sheeran's "'I'm in Love with The Coco." They just dropped "Cover Girls" today. A collaboration with Bibi Bourelly, writer for Rhianna, this track will be your new anthem if you love anything pop and hip hop. The easy percussiveness of the track leads the vocals and begs us to ask, "boys only love cover girls, don't they?"

Best for: Getting ready for a night out.

Perfect if you like: Hailee Seinfeld

When Doves Cry by DJ R. (feat. Vedo)


A re-imagination of the popular Prince song, DJ R. and Vedo take the song and infuse their love for electronic music and R & B in it. In this adaptation of When Doves Cry, DJ R is responsible for the tropical twist on the classic while Vedo delivers the velvety vocals.

Best for: Playing at your house-warming party.

Perfect if you like: The Weeknd

Okay (In The Morning) by Ellis

Newcomer Ellis is a cacophony of pop, singer-songwriter, and orchestral melodies. Her single Okay (In The Morning) just dropped today and I'll be listening on repeat. The soundscape of the track is cinematic in nature. You can relate to the carefully chosen lyrics if you're ever experienced heartbreak. While it's a common convention, the exhilarating movement of the track provides optimism that everything will in fact be "Okay." This one is definitely my new break up anthem.

Best for: a slow recovery morning on Sunday

Perfect if you like: Lorde

You Never Know by KNGDVD

If you're more in favor of rock n' roll, indie rock band KNGDVD released a single You Never Know just a few days ago. The song has a too cool delivery but the lyrics are vulnerable and relatable creating the perfect dichotomy.

Best for: Reorganizing your apartment Sunday afternoon.

Perfect if you like: Beach House

Cold War Neon by Tiny Magnetic Pets

This band is truly unique. If you like indie synth pop, you'll want to listen to Tiny Magnetic Pets' new album this weekend. My personal favorite song is Cold War Neon. Think disco meets modern pop meets experimental.

Best for: Your commute to the bar.

Perfect if you like: Deerhoof

Bed Bug by Jeff Baker

Indie pop/rock artist Jeff Baker recently released Bed Bug. Bed Bug is a catchy pop tune- you won't be able to get this one out of your head and it'll leave you thinking of all the "bed bugs" you've known. Watch the lyrics video here.

Best for: Telling your bartender to add it to her Spotify queue to dance to.

Perfect if you like: Shawn Mendes

Spotify lover? Stream our weekend release playlist here.

Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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