Every now and then we all need to feel like a badass...

... to feel like the protagonist of a Quentin Tarantino movie about to dive gonzo-style into the final boss fight. We all have our own set of fight songs and pump-up jams to get that job done, but if you've been looking for something new to add to a playlist, then I think I might have something for you. Here are five songs by female rock and rollers guaranteed to help you unleash your inner badass.

Treat Me Like Your Mother - The Dead Weather

When Jack White put the White Stripes on hiatus, he formed supergroup The Racontuers. When he got bored of The Raconteurs, he created their dark, evil cousin… The Dead Weather. Comprised of White on drums, Jack Lawrence (Greenhornes/Racontuers) on bass, Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) on guitar and synth, The Dead Weather blast dark, psychedelic rock blues like no one else. They are headed up by Alison Mosshart of The Kills, who leads them screaming into battle. In Treat Me Like Your Mother she vocally fights it out with Jack White in a duet that sounds like an abusive relationship laced with dynamite and a side of apocalypse. The song's beat marches, then kung fu fights, then catches fire, then marches again, all the while Mosshart shreds her microphone to pieces.

Listen to this if you're about to start a fist fight.

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My Cat - Jack Off Jill

When Marilyn Manson toured in the nineties, he had some friends called Jack Off Jill. They were frequently in trouble, much like Manson himself, for being lewd and indecent on stage. And they were awesome. Their lead singer Jessicka Addams was a quintessential gothic, punk madwoman, and this song shows that off like no-one's business. A super fuzzed bass line, a thrashed guitar over the top of it, explosive drums, and vocals that would skin a hippo make up a song that perfectly captures the moment when you finally snap after taking too much of someone's crap. The lyrics sound like your crazy ex-girlfriend is turning into the Incredible Hulk. Blast this song around people and give them a death stare, they will not mess with you.

Listen to this if you are about to murder someone who really, really deserves it.

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Do It With A Rockstar - Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

Amanda Palmer. Lovingly satanic godmother of the internet. Arch-Wiccan of weirdos. Girl Anachronism. It's hard to think of a way in which she doesn't kick ass. She founded the Dresden Dolls, launched the biggest Kickstarter of all time, wrote an awesome book, gave a TED Talk, owns at Twitter… the list goes on. Honestly she has no shortage of kickass songs, but this is the one that strips it all down and flaunts it in your face. Fueled with all the seediness of classic rock and roll, and edged with her textbook emotionality, she says in no uncertain terms what 80s hair bands danced their way around. Do you want to Do It With a Rockstar? I mean, of course you do. It's Amanda F*cking Palmer. This song will make you feel sexy as hell.

Listen to this if you need to, well... do it with a rock star

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Heard It Through the Grapevine - The Slits

The Slits were pioneers of female-led post-punk, and were working with sounds in the 70s that most people thought were only invented a few years ago. Their stuff is a mix of reggae, rock, punk, dub, pop and all kinds else. Here they turn Marvin Gaye's soulful song of pain in to an anthem of rage with enough fight for all three Lord of the Rings movies. With a pounding drum backing, scratchy guitars, a bass line that's all attitude, and vocals that could break glass, polycarbonate, and titanium, they tear their way through this number and leave you ready for anything.

Listen to this when you're about to tell that jerk what you think of them

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Rock and Roll N***** - Patti Smith

Patti Smith is probably the only white rock and roller who could get away with this song. Oh, others have covered it since, but it either comes off misguided or in poor taste. Only Patti can do it, and boy do you love her for it. The guitar riff is like a freight train pummeling through houses. The lyrics are filled with political edge, and the babelogue that opens it on the album is a religious experience. Smith is rightly revered as a matriarch of punk and this song tells you why. She is courageous, angry, brash, and if you attack her, she will win. To this day she still fights the fight and uses her music like a weapon, just last week she was seen pulling a guitar to pieces in the name of the cause. This song will make you fearless. It's an anthem for the disenfranchised and the outsiders, and it will call them to war.

Listen to this when you need to start a revolution

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