REVIEW | ODESZA just released "A Moment Apart" and there's something for everyone

After a busy festival season ODESZA just dropped their third album and it's an evolution.

"The only way to save his sanity is to fall in love with the sound."

If you don't know them by name, you have definitely heard their song Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) or Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild). ODESZA frequents music festivals and you've probably heard their music remixed at a club or bar. I believe their work has been a leader in electronic music today. A Moment Apart is a testament to that, preserving ODESZA's signature danceable beats but adding to the music different elements that elevate the overall sound. Their plentiful collaborations adds major dynamic to the album. Here are my favorite tracks:


Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of ODESZA (Billboard)

The introduction is the shortest track of the album utilizing spoken word to set the tone for the album. A women's voice speaks about going to space and illustrates it beautifully. At the end she says of the space traveler, "the only way to save his sanity is to fall in love with the sound." The track has layered ambient sound and ends with haunting breaths that take you to the next track.

A Moment Apart | Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)

ODESZA (Audiofemme)

The title song makes me think of a blast off. It's exhilarating and laid back all at the same time. Mainly instrumented sprinkled with a touch of vocal embellishments, it's the perfect segway into "Higher Ground" which was one of their singles released prior to the album. "Higher Ground" is going to be everyone's going out jam this fall. Naomi Wild's melody layers perfectly with the percussive nature of the track.

Line of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)

ODESZA (Billboard)

Line of Sight is the second of many collaborations on the album. Featuring WYNNE and Mansionair the track was originally released as a single and has already become a favorite among ODESZA fans. The song feels like a pivotal moment on the album. The groove of the hook is infectious and the variation they throw in takes you on a ride with the song.

Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges) | Meridian

Leon Bridges with ODESZA at Bumbershoot Festival in their hometown Seattle.

Across the Room is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Leon's silky vocals flirt with the funky track creating the ultimate carefree track. The singer joined ODESZA recently at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle to perform the song.

Everything at Your Feat (feat. The Chamanas)

ODESZA (Music Essentials)

The Chamanas are an intriguing indie pop fusion group that have elements of Mexican folklore, Brazilian Bossanova and more in their music. I love this track because of the simplicity of how well the instrumental and vocals complement one another.

Just a Memory (feat. Regina Spektor)

ODESZA (Nederlander Concerts)

I was most excited to listen to this track as a big fan of Regina Spektor. The song is a haunting ballad that perfectly marries ODESZA's moving instrumentals and Regina's crystal clear vocal stylings.

In general. the album due to it's numerous collaborations is incredibly diverse. While audiophiles will enjoy listening to the tracks chronologically and hearing the story of the album, it also suits the person who just wants to get up and dance, and definitely is home to the song you play on repeat all fall.

Here's the complete track list:

1. Intro

2. A Moment Apart

3. Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)

4. Boy

5. Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)

6. Late Night

7. Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges)

8. Meridian

9. Everything At Your Feet (feat. The Chamanas)

10. Just A Memory (feat. Regina Spektor)

11. Divide (feat. Kelsey Bulkin)

12. Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings

13. La Ciudad

14. Falls (feat. Sasha Sloan)

15. Show Me

16. Corners Of The Earth (feat. RY X)

Get A Moment Apart now here and check out their tour dates.

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