10 Moments that will make you fall in love with Rick and Morty again

One of the best science-fiction comedies of all time, probably comedies, period.

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Where can I find some Szechuan Sauce?

We've all been been going nuts for Rick and Morty lately. The show is as funny a piece of toast, dark as concentrated dark matter, and as intelligent and wise as Shrimply Pibbles. Today we're going to run down ten moments where we first fell in love with Rick and Morty, and then fell in love all over again.

They're just robots Morty!

For a lot of people this is the moment that they decided Rick and Morty was the show for them. Though the first episode of series one is weak by later episode standards, this moment of semantic confusion between Rick and Morty is everything the series would go on to be encapsulated in one line. It's a petty misunderstanding that results in death and further disintegration of Morty's world view whilst affirming Rick's.

Get your shit together

Morty's angry, overlong speech to Summer has become one of the internet's favorite motivational posters. Although this speech is awesome, it's worth remembering that Morty ends up being in the wrong in this episode, and Summer in the right. So this speech is, in effect, the speech of the villain. Just another example of the hilarious, complex immorality of Rick and Morty.

Boy shoots sister

Another example of Rick and Morty going super dark. At a resort where no-one can die, an alien boy is seen shooting his sister in the head for fun, then she gets up and runs off again. Later in the episode, the field is turned off. We see these same children, the boy shoots his sister again. This time she doesn't get up. Before he has time to process it, and the audience has time to finish saying "Holy sh*t" we've cut away and moved on. You're laughing, whilst simultaneously contemplating the terrifying fragility of existence. The Rick and Morty experience.

I'm Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks is a work of utter stupid genius. The perfect functionary organism, crazed in its pursuit of simple tasks that give it meaning. And it has a shrill, ridiculous voice that could shred paper. What more is there to say?

Two Brothers

Arguably the greatest moment in all of Interdimensional Cable. Justin Roiland's bizarre, improvised voiceover for the trailer of the dumbest action movie imaginable, lovingly animated to perfection. It ends in him corpsing at his own ridiculousness, which they leave in the episode, playing in to Dan Harmon's penchant for fourth walls breaks and meta-narrative.

You pass butter

Existentialism summed up in a quick three line joke. Something only Rick and Morty can do. This gag is a metaphysical "nothing but net" three-pointer, and it's everything that's great about this show.

Let me out! (Tiny Rick)

A jaunty, slightly emo, improvised song about how your true self is dying in a vat in the garage. Yep, that's Rick and Morty.

Come watch TV

In a way, this speech from Morty to Summer sums up the show's philosophy. The universe is so big, complicated and scary, in so many ways that you can only barely comprehend… sometimes the only sane thing to do is to sit down and watch Ball Fondlers on TV.

Szechuan Sauce

Rick and Morty excels at brilliantly specific nonsense, and this typifies that better than anything. Rick misdirects an entire government using a special promotional sauce that was put out to promote the Disney movie Mulan. He then raves about the sauce for a good minute or so to close out the episode. It's glorious stupid.

Suicidal breakup

Another thing that makes Rick and Morty great is its ability to go dark, and real. We've all been through break-ups, we all have our demons, we all have moments when we hate ourselves and it feels like nothing can pull us back from that ledge. Seeing Rick go through this moment of alcoholic, depressive nihilism after being dumped by Unity is heartbreaking. It also reminds us of how toxic Rick can be, in spite of his brilliance.

Get Schwifty

Get Schwifty. The jam that helped save the world. Aww yeah.

In summary…

Wubba lubba dub dub!!!

Thomas Burns Scully is a PopDust contributor, and also an award-winning actor, playwright, and musician. In his spare time he writes and designs escape rooms. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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