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MUSIC | The Los Angeles musician wants to have the last great song of this summer

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"Don't come any closer / Might hit you with my Rover."

These are the first, vicious lyrics from "Wonderful Life," Los Angeles-based RYDYR's first single off his upcoming album, WOLF. The song aggressively addresses anyone who's wronged you in the past and looks toward better days in the future. The mood is as hot as the last days of summer and will have you dancing just like those final Labor Day Weekend parties. But there's more to RYDYR than just one killer song, and he's prepared to show everyone all he's got.

RYDYR spoke with Popdust about his past music experience, his future album, and even more upcoming projects.

How did you get interested in writing and performing music?

Ever since I can remember I wanted to perform. I got my start in show choir in middle school and I was hooked.

You got your start as part of a group. What have been some of the differences for you as a solo act compared to when you were in the band?

In a group there are a lot of personalities, opinions, and ideals that you have to take into consideration while making music, and working together. It can make for an amazing experience or sometimes cause for disagreements. That being said, the biggest difference is not having to answer to anyone but myself. I've really enjoyed exploring my creative process as a solo artist.

You recently released the single "Wonderful Life," where you collaborated with Olivia O'Brien. What was the process of working on that track like?

It was really fun! Olivia is such a talented artist and writer. We have been friends for about a year and a half so it was nice finally sitting together to work. We had the hook already, we just needed verses and pre chorus. Right after we played it for her, the song came together very quick.

The song is a major tell-off track. What inspired you to lead the released of your debut solo project with this track?

I don't think people expected this kind of record from me so I wanted to hit them with a surprise.

You're part of the BADPINK STUDIOS collective of artists. Can you talk about what that is and how being a part of that has influenced you as an artist?

Badpink is more of a culture than anything but it stems from the studio space we have at my house in LA. We always have amazing artists in and out of the space. I get so inspired by everyone's art and process. I love to learn from them or offer knowledge I have. It's amazing having a space that lets us do what we love.

What else can we expect from WOLF?

WOLF is a fusion of vibes that inspired me growing up. There are some harder rock songs, a little funk, maybe a ballad or two. It's for sure an experience. I can't wait.

Other than the upcoming music, what else can we expect coming up from you?

Along with the music, I've been working on my acting career. Trying to get that going at the same time is difficult but it's also my passion. And for sure more music projects coming after WOLF. We are just getting started.

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