Steven Universe returns next week with 6 new episodes


Six new episodes of Steven Universe will answer the big questions from the "Wanted" arc finale.

Much like its teleporting title character, Steven Universe has suddenly reappeared.

After months of silence on the progress of new episodes, the Cartoon Network PR team tweeted a trailer on Monday which revealed that 6 new episodes will be available to stream next week, on November 10, via the Cartoon Network app.

The trailer stars none other than the Boy Gem himself, kicking it on the beach and explaining to Lapis and Peridot where he's been, a.k.a teasing the plot of the next sextet of Steven Universe episodes. It appears as though there will be no shortage of action in this next bunch. According to the trailer, Steven and Connie's relationship will be put to the test, Mayor Dewey's long-standing reign over Beach City will finally be challenged and Steven will form a new band.

The show, which has been praised for its nuanced handling of important themes like relationships, popularity and prejudice, wrapped up an exciting 4-episode arc last May and has been on a release hiatus ever since, much to the chagrin of its incredibly dedicated fanbase.

According to a press release from Cartoon Network, next week's episodes will pick up right after the last arc (with the first episode covering Steven's return from Homeworld) and will be available on the CN app before they officially air on TV sometime in December.

Is this another "Steven Bomb" situation?

This release plan seems eerily familiar to a similar event from last year, which raises some concerns for fans: namely, that the episodes going up next week on the CN app might disappear the very next day, like the "Steven Bomb" episodes did. Last time Cartoon Network released a set of episodes ahead of schedule, the content was removed less than a day later, leading many fans to believe the "Steven Bomb" episodes were put up by accident or leaked by an illegitimate source. This was denied by Cartoon Network reps, who instead told reporters that these episodes were a part of a special "See It First" designation, which would allow CN app users to get a sneak peek of the forthcoming content.

So, if you're hoping to catch all these episodes before they disappear, be prepared to binge them.

Another question fans might have about these new episodes: Are they a part of season 5 or do they mark the start of a new season for Steven Universe? The answer: They're a part of season 5. However, this is becoming a less and less meaningful label for popular cartoons like Steven. For shows like this, which are comparatively more writing and production intensive than other shows in CN's lineup, say Teen Titans Go!, the mid-season hiatuses are more important in book-ending sections of the show than the official season numbers are. This novel approach of dropping episodes in blocks or "bombs" as they're ready might very well be a response to the extreme demands of both the production process and the fans.

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