5 Things FX’s "You’re the Worst" gets right about relationships

Proceed at your own risk… traditional love is work.

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The games of love are messy in FX's You're the Worst.

Here is the manual for love in FX's You're the Worst: (1) don't prematurely annoy or scare your "bae" (especially if you just moved in), (2) cyberstalk your love interest at your own risk, and (3) keep your feelings at bay until you accept that, eventually, you'll both be crushed by the emotional shortcomings of your partner. Yikes. The love story of FX's You're the Worst follows the romantic misadventures of Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere), a writer, and Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash), a music publicist, as they fall in and out of love during the course of three seasons. Season four premiered September 6th and, let's just say, the bitterness is real. Can men and women find an equal footing in love? Perhaps, but there are five things You're the Worst makes certain.

Sidekicks Deserve Love Too

Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue) | FX's You're the Worst

Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue) are the best friends of our tragic duo, and often find that their desires are the secondary concerns of Jimmy and Gretchen. Being the cheerleader for everyone except yourself gets old. You're the Worst pokes fun at the sidekick trope and allows the narrative to explore the romantic escapades of Edgar and Lindsay (who end up becoming pretty close). Edgar, suffering from PTSD, is a man who prides himself on the honesty and loyalty of his relationships, and thinks Jimmy's blasé attitude toward intimacy and love is a coping mechanism to avoid getting hurt. Lindsay, recently divorced, is a woman learning to maintain her career with a party mentality she's not entirely ready to give up. Oh, and she's completely focused on her own pleasure and personal gains, you know, like a man. Their transitions into adulthood and dating make for some of the most hilarious encounters and hookups in the show.

It’s Okay to Say You're Hurt

Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash) | FX's You're the Worst

Things happen, and sometimes these things are unplanned, and that's okay. Unless you're grandpa Rick from Rick and Morty, you can't abandon your reality when things turn sour. Jimmy and and Gretchen go from extremes, at times happy, at times desperate and depressed. They aren't very good at managing the good and bad of a situation without uprooting everything and everyone. Breathe. Life has a way of shaking you up and it's okay to wave your white flag every once in a while.

Sometimes Your Career Suffers

Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) | FX's You're the Worst

This one hits home for both Jimmy and Gretchen. Jimmy believes he's an unmatched, brilliant writer. The rest of the world doesn't. In season one, his books barely sell and it sends Jimmy in a writer's funk. Gretchen, on the other hand, stumbles upon a publicist job by accident in her early twenties, and happens to be just witty enough to keep the gig. Both of them allow their personal lives to affect their professionalism at work, and at times, abandon their real-world responsibilities entirely due to their emotional insecurities. The trials of love often prove that work and pleasure don't necessarily go together.

The Roles Can Switch

Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue) | FX's You're the Worst

Jimmy is the stoic writer who opened his heart to Gretchen. Gretchen is the cynical, music publicist who fell for Jimmy. They were the serious ones while Edgar and Lindsay basked in their unemployment. For Lindsay, wifehood became a prison for her creative —and umm— carnal aspirations. For Edgar, his lack of ambition was a matter of coping with his PTSD and finding ways to move into his future without the mental baggage of his past. In season four, Edgar and Lindsay are the mature ones, navigating their careers and romances with a type of maturity and ease both Gretchen and Jimmy never had. We'll see if their new friends-with-benefits situation works out, and if their careers remain their primary focus.

No One is Above Catching Feelings

Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) | FX's You're the Worst

We're human and we're all looking for something. You're the Worst doesn't imply that only women crave monogamous, exclusive relationships, or that men, as hard as they try, can't provide these relationships. You're the Worst shows both women and men enjoy (and manage) casual hookups, relationships, and….let's call it…tricky situations. When Gretchen and Jimmy finally open up about their feelings for each other, you know you're in for a ride. Both are narcissistic, both are stubborn, and both refuse to acknowledge their adult feelings in an adult manner. The inability to communicate your feelings or desires doesn't make you the winner, or the stronger one, or even the more desirable one; it just makes you childish and probably a really bad debater.

You're the Worst is a show about how the standards of platonic and romantic relationships are turned upside down in the age of dating apps, online avatars, and the gender war between millennials. Keep hope kids; love is like ice cream: if you let it sit, it melts. Okay...wait...that's not a saying about love, but you get the gist. Things change, people change, and ice cream is best cold.

Shaun Harris is a poet, freelance writer, and editor published in avant-garde, feminist journals. Lover of warm-toned makeup palettes, psych-rock, and Hilton Als. Her work has allowed her to copyedit and curate content for various poetry organizations in the NYC area.


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