Pumping Up The Kardashians Plastic Surgery Time Lapse Videos Are Awesome

kardashians plastic surgery video

When it comes to the subject of plastic surgery, the usually keen to share every single minutiae-of-their-lives Kardashian family has always remained uncharacteristically tight lipped.

But, there’s no doubting all of the KK Klan—and, Kylie, the youngest of the Jenner gang, have changed significantly in appearance over the years.

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A pop culture creative genius, named, Saint Hoax, has compiled a series of awesome time lapse face morphing videos which capture the fame whores reality TV stars’ dramatic facial transformations—and you can watch them right here on Popdust.

Saint Hoax posted his creative masterpieces on Instagram, along with the hashtag #PumpingUpTheKardashians… and the famous Maybelline advertising campaign tag line, Maybe she’s born with it…. followed by, Maybe it’s [syringe emoticon]

How Real Are The Kardashians? Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Exegesis

Hmmmm…. tough one, eh?

Perhaps, all their noses did just miraculously thin down and change shape mysteriously over the years, maybe their cheeks did just plump up, lips filled out to maximum pout, eyebrows softly lifted, foreheads de-creased and froze to Nicole Kidman’s totally, oh-so-natural standards….

Or, perhaps not…

How Real Are The Kardashians? Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Exegesis

Either way, let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely any of these brutes are going to cop to having had any work done.

What do you think?

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Khloe Kardashian:

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

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Kylie Jenner:

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

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Kim Kardashian:

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All of the Kardashians:

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

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