Since the release of debut single "Everybody" some three decades ago, Madonna has been a critical, well-respected and well-connected figure in the world of dance music, and she's certainly acting like it this weekend. Madge showed up at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last night to introduce one of the scene's current leading lights, "Levels" star Avicii, and she took the opportunity to express her continual support for the EDM scene—and some of the accompanying parts of the culture. Raved Ms. Ciccone:

Hello, everybody, I've finally made it to Ultra Music Festival.... In my world, music and dance are not separate...Electronic music has been a part of my career since I started, and I can honestly say, 'A DJ saved my life.' How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?...Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to sweat? Are you ready to make some noise, mother----ers?! This next DJ is amazing! Get ready for Avicii!"

Cute. If that wasn't enough to confirm Madge's continued roots in the EDM scene, it's also been announced that Madonna will be releasing a remix album of her upcoming MDNA simultaneously with the album's March 26th release, courtesy of Smirnoff vodka (sounds about right), featuring DJs like Kid Capri and Just Blaze. "It is a testament to Madonna’s phenomenal performance and album production that these tracks can be remixed whilst retaining their musical integrity and broad appeal," said Simon Burch, Global Brand Director of the Smirnoff Company. "We are delighted that Madonna and Live Nation Entertainment’s collaboration with Smirnoff gives us the chance to share extraordinary original content with fans, and provide them with new and exciting ways to experience Madonna’s music. "

Geez, Madonna. Vodka, ecstasy, Avicii...I mean, won't somebody please think of the children?