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Quit While You're Ahead: Swedish House Mafia To Tour No More

You've got to wonder what made Swedish House Mafia call it quits now, right on the cusp of dance music becoming bigger and more lucrative than it's been since the '90s. One too many articles pontificating about EDM? Feeling, like Deadmau5, like "the world's most well-paid babysitter"? Too much glitz? Too little glitz? Long-stewing creative differences over whether to use "DUN DUN DUN DUN" or "dun dun DUN DUN" in which arrangement?

Whatever the reason, Swedish House Mafia announced they soon planned to stop touring--which, for an arena act like SHM, is akin to out-and-out retiring. (Unless they're planning a series of insular headphone albums, irreproducible live, but for Swedish House Mafia that'd be ludicrous.) From their website:

Today we want to share with you, that the tour we are about to go on will be our last. We want to thank every single one of you that came with us on this journey. We came, we raved, we loved.

Signed: Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso (a/k/a Swedish House Mafia).

Nice aphorism there, but no "we conquered"? Not even when you've got a legitimate claim to that phrase? Bah, fine. Expect their upcoming megatour--which includes U.S. dates to be announced--to happen, and then expect them to make some sort of "you know, this touring business is OK after all. One more rave, for good times' sake, brought to you by our sponsors" statement. It's either that or dance music suddenly disappearing, and one of those options is far less likely.


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