Ever since we learned that R. Kelly has made the thrilling decision to revisit "Trapped in the Closet," we've been waiting on bated breath and empty Google alerts for more chapters. Sadly the clip below is not a first look at the continuation we'd hoped for—turns out that's months (months) away—but R. Kelly videos are entertaining enough, even when they include corn fields and gospel choirs. His Barry White-esque track, "Share My Love," is further evidence that he aims to transition into the world of an Older R&B Artist, without completely dropping his sexy-creepy ways. From admiring his girlfriend's makeup application to dancing on tables at the club and feeding two separate ladies chocolate covered somethings there are flashes of Kells of old, but by the time we get to the simple and repetitive chorus, it's just a whole lot of him standing in front of a red sheet smiling like a serial killer. We understand he's happy to be back making music following throat surgery, but this is still ridiculous—just in an understated, the bad-man-with-the-leather-gloves-can't-stop-smiling sort of way. And this is coming from someone who had "Step in the Name of Love" as her ringtone for a solid three years. Still, he managed to snag Director X in between Drake's re-bar mitzvah and a rooftop party with The Wanted, so that's a plus. Might as well populate! (Clap, clap, clap.) Watch below.