R5, 'Heart Made Up On You': Album Review

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Hollywood Records' pop/rock band, R5, is ready to take their career to the next step. Their new EP, Heart Made Up On You, showcases their growth as a band.

The debut album Louder included catchy and up-tempo pop tracks like Loud, Ain't No Way We're Going Home, Here Comes Forever, and (I Can't) Forget About You. The band slowed it down in their ballad One Last Dance. As much as fans can name many tracks off of the debut album to call as favorites, R5 has much more to offer with their new songs.

Heart Made Up On You, is the third EP, R5 has released. In the band's start-up, they independently released an EP titled Ready Set Rock. After signing onto the Hollywood Records label, the band released the Loud EP, followed by the full-length album Louder. Their untitled sophomore album will be released on September 30.

R5 is a band made up of the four Lynch siblings—all with a name that starts with the letter R—pretty unique right?—And one really good bestie. The four siblings include Ross (lead vocals and guitarist), and Riker (bass), Rocky (guitarist), and Rydel (keyboard). They are joined with Ellington Ratliff (drummer), and they all assist Ross with vocals. If you recognize Ross' face, it's probably because you've seen him play Austin on Disney Channel's hit television series Austin & Ally.

Heart Made Up On You includes four tracks, which all showcase a different sound.

The EP-titled track and new single, Heart Made Up On You is EDM-like, which is unlike R5's previous singles such as Pass Me By, and (I Can't) Forget About You. The indecisive love-crazed track has the band hitting falsettos. With catchy beats and lyrics, it's possible that this can be the next (I Can't) Forget About You.
Fast forward to the next track Things Are Looking Up, which has a retro sound. The audio levels in this song are over the top. The positive up-lifting love song will have you grooving from left to right.
Next up, is the must-listen track, Easy Love, which is similar and close to the music that the band has produced in the past. It's up-beat in tempo and soothing. "Even when times get tough, I don't want no easy love," the band croons.
The last track on the record is part ballad and as the song proceeds it becomes rock-like. Stay With Me, showcases the band's growth and improvement since the last album. In the last verse, the band will have you hooked on the lyric "can we go back, do it over?"
R5 always leaves us wanting more. It's no doubt that this new EP is just leading us onto craving for the sophomore album, even more. September is too far away, but when the time comes, R5 won't fail to impress. Heart Made Up On You is a work of art that deserves to be heard and recognized. No doubt, you won't regret getting this album.
Grade: 4/5
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