Two facts, both a little surprising: Radiohead, despite earning widespread acclaim at least six times now, has only appeared on Saturday Night Live once, to promote Kid A a decade ago; Radiohead put out an album, The King of Limbs, just this year. (To be fair, it's seemed like a long year.) It's less of a shock, more of a "huh." that this is the 37th season of SNL and not a shock at all that Alec Baldwin hosted again. Is it a surprise that Thom Yorke was dancing? Discuss. (It really wasn't.)

At any rate, perhaps your Radiohead devotion doesn't extend to watching them for an entire hour tomorrow on The Colbert Report. Maybe it doesn't even extend to going out of your way to an entire hour of television in the first place. If that's the case, you probably didn't see SNL, so here's your chance! The band played "Lotus Flower," from the album, and "Staircase," a new track debuted earlier this year.