Rainbow, B.A.P, and Dasoni: Last Week's Best K-pop Comeback Stages

After a dry spell of notable K-pop comebacks following the return of SISTAR19, last week saw several well-known stars releasing new music all at once. B.A.P released their second mini-album, One Shot, Rainbow returned after a year-and-a-half away from the K-pop spotlight, and rising rookie group, EXID, launched a sub-unit called Dasoni. All three acts held their official comeback stages over the past several days, and none of them disappointed when it came to their skills or talent as performers.

B.A.P - "Rain Sound" and "One Shot" on Music Bank

From the moment they debuted with "Warrior" last year, B.A.P have been on the performance level of some of K-pop's biggest acts. Despite releasing a new single every couple of months, the hip-hop sextette still manages to sing live and bring new and complicated choreography to the table. Their latest effort, "One Shot," is no different, with the boys doing push-ups on stage before springing back up to deliver more live vocals without ever sounding out of breath. Shockingly, this was actually one of their less energetic performances (perhaps Himchan's absence dampened their usual zeal?), but they're so talented that it was still better than what most other boy bands are doing.

Rainbow - "Golden Touch" and "Tell Me Tell Me" on Inkigayo

Rainbow aren't the flawless performers that some of their stans like to make out that they are, but they're still solid when it comes to putting on a show. Always charismatic and sassy, the girls never fail to work weave whipping and animated booty shaking into their performances. They successfully walked the line between cute and sexy during their Inkigayo comeback stage, busting out their latest single, "Tell Me Tell Me," and the Prince-esque album cut, "Golden Touch."

"Tell Me Tell Me" has received a mixed-reaction from K-pop fans (us included) who have been disappointed that the bubbly track doesn't match up to Rainbow's past pop gems like "Mach" and "A," but it's a real grower that gets better with repeated listens. We promise!

Dasoni - "Common Words" and "Goodbye" on M! Countdown

EXID's Solji is one of the best girl group vocalists in K-pop right now, so it's good that she gets the chance to flaunt her big voice as part of EXID's new two-member sub-unit, Dasoni. The bad news is that the duo's debut single, "Goodbye," is the kind of spectacularly unimpressive pop fodder that shouldn't be used as anything other than a filler cut on the next EXID album. It doesn't matter how well Dasoni sing or how pretty they are if they don't have a great song to go with it. What happened to the girls who released our eleventh favorite music video of 2012?

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