Last week we wrote about Rainbow being on the verge of obscurity and disbandment, and how they really needed to pull something big out of their sleeves to make their comeback a successful one. Well, now it looks like they're doing just that, with the struggling girl group hyping up their return with the release of a topless teaser photo earlier today. It's total G-rated non-nudity since the members are holding an enormous sign in front of their bare chests, but by conservative K-pop standards, it'll be enough to get Rainbow some of the attention that they need right now.

Along with the photo, the group also tweeted this confusing caption: “Rainbow who has lost their tops! Tell me&%#^!?”  Whatever that means.

Are Rainbow coming back with some crazy naked concept, or are they just trolling us? If the former turns out to be true, it wouldn't be the first racy thing the group's done. The choreography for their breakthrough single, "A," was banned for being "too sexually suggestive," because the routine consisted of the girls lifting up their shirts, while their follow-up single, "Mach," contained blatantly orgasmic lyrics long before Ga-In's "Bloom" ever came along. (Funnily enough, few people actually picked up on Rainbow's lyrical content at the time.) We can't wait to see how Rainbow will top themselves this time, especially after KARA jacked their sexy swag last year with "Pandora."

[Via Visual Glow]