RALPH Returns with Romantic Video: "Looking For You"

The Canadian artist's latest is a gorgeous and infectious synth pop romp, exploring the frustration of waiting for the One.

RALPH's latest music video is a fun and heartfelt exploration of finding the One, and the temporary madness that comes with waiting for the love you've been looking for.

RALPH has been on a roll of late, with "Gravity," "No Muss No Fuss," and "Last Time" heralding the arrival of her upcoming EP Flashbacks & Fantasies. Each track explores a new facet of a relationship, ranging from the discovery of new love to the aggravation of running into an ex. But "Looking For You," out today, focuses on the exquisite pain of hoping someone new enters your life, someone who can open up the world for you. The track is a slowdown for RALPH, featuring muted drums buffeted by electronic claps, before synths and echoing background vocals make RALPH's voice sound momentous. "All this wishing's got me fading / Yeah, maybe I'm just impatient," she sighs just before the chorus kicks in.


The video follows RALPH as she does catch sight of her One—and then immediately loses him. From a coffeeshop to a park and finally at a trendy bar, RALPH sings about the frustration of looking as she keeps barely missing her meet-cute moment. We never get to clearly see his face, but that's kind of the point. RALPH gets the hopeless romance of waiting for the right one to walk in, and "Looking For You" is sweet and serious in its understanding of that particular kind of heartache, right up until she, and you, find the One when you need them most.

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