The man, the myth, the municipal GIF that is Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson has finally been commemorated in the musical genre furthest from his burly, Scotch-drinking heart. In honor of tonight's new episode, Tommy's Place P & R superfan Adam WarRock has recorded an ode to the "boss of all bosses," entitled "Waka Flocka Swanson." The song includes actual quotes from the man whose velvety voice could lull us to sleep any day—only after we finished laughing our tears ducts off at the thought of him dancing in a tiny hat—while WarRock raps about his accomplishments (eating a turkey leg inside of a hamburger) and key personality traits (perennial stoicism) over Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands." When realizing that he's been through not one but two Tammys, it's clear that Swanson has enough repressed emotions to fill up his own album if Drake ever wants to take a lengthy hiatus. Hear that, writers? Say it with us now: Ron Fucking Swanson.

WarRock's three-song Parks and Rec EP also includes shout-outs to the now-defunct Entertainment 720 (to the tune of Lil Wayne and Drake's "Right Above It") and a campaign anthem for City Council hopeful Leslie Knope, over John Legend's "Number One." Adam WarRock, we think we're in love. He's acknowledged the oversight in failing to create a Treat Yo Self track, but since Tom and Donna pretty much have that down musically, we'd suggest he focus on an April and Andy version of "03 Bonnie and Clyde" or Donna's own "Turn My Swag On" next. Listen to the track(s), bitch.