Raven-Symone Clarifies Race Comments—I Never Said I'm Not Black!

Raven-Symone is clarifying her stance on race and sexual orientation in the wake of controversial comments she made to Oprah Winfrey.

As Popdust previously reported, Raven told the talk show icon she doesn't see herself as African-American or gay, instead wanting to be considered just a "human who loves other humans".

As Oprah warned, the statements caused a huge backlash against the actress, with many accusing her of being in denial about her heritage and sexuality.

Raven believes her comments were misunderstood and taken out of context, and wants to make it clear she wasn't attempting to deny her background or ethnicity.

"I never said I wasn't black," the star told The Grio. "I want to make that very clear. I said, 'I am not African American.' I never expected my personal beliefs and comments to spark such emotion in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America."

And there you have it! Everyone calm down and worry about Ebola instead.


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