Ray J And Joan Rivers Sex Tape Uncovered—Watch It Here!

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Ray J is back at it underneath the sheets once again!

The 33-year-old has recreated his infamous 2003 Kim Kardashian sex tape—this time with Joan Rivers—and Popdust has video.

In the clip—which is a promo for the March 29 return of Joan’s WETV show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best—Rivers and Ray J are seen fooling around in bed before sitting down for a post coital interview.

“Ray J you’re the best!” Joan exclaims.

“No… you’re the best. You’re twice the woman Kim was!” Ray J insists.

“No.. she was 32 at the time—I’m three times the woman!” Joan quips.

“Well, you know what they say….once you go black you don’t go back,” Ray J declares.

“Well you know what else they say…. once you go Jew you know how to screw.” Joan deadpans.

“I like older women because they know what they want, they know when they want it, and after they get it then they tell you to get out,” Ray J says.

“But then I think it’s, we know what we want and usually it’s dinner at 4:30,” Joan adds.

“Yes. And I’m good with that because when I take you to dinner, after dinner it’s 6:30. We hit the bed by 7:30pm, you sleep by 9, I’m in the club by 12. Hello! We got a perfect relationship.” Ray J concludes.