Ray J Weighs In On Kim Kardashian Kanye West Engagement—I Hit It First, He Hit It Last

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If ever you want to come off as the decent, nice guy, just go head to head live on air with Nik Richie.

Ray J appeared on the sleaze king's TheDirty.com radio show Wednesday night and managed to keep it classy after being goaded to weigh in on the hot Hollywood topic de jour, Kim Kardashian's engagement to Kanye West—and Popdust has the rundown.

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Ray J shot to infamy after a homemade sex tape of he and Kardashian was "leaked" back in 2007, so he knows a thing or two about the bodacious babe, and although he's remaining mum on details of the XXX video, he has got a thing or two to say about his former hook-up—as well as some surprising advice for those considering following in his footsteps.


The reprehensible Richie wasted no time in his attempt to get the dirt from Ray J, bringing up the sex tape within minutes of the interview starting—goading the 32-year-old into talking about the subject.

Richie, who is not usually known for his strong sense of injustice, went in for the kill, telling Ray J it seems unfair Kardashian "made five million dollars out the gate" from the sex tape "and you made nothing….and, to me… that seems wrong."

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"Seems wrong because you're doing all the hard work Ray," Richie says.

"Man, I don't even discuss that 'cos there's so much happening with that and we're so far past that where we're both doing really well, we're eating well, we're living good and for me.." Ray J says, before Richie cuts in, "You hit it first."


"You know, we make money, we spend money, but to me it's all about family, man, and I love my family," Ray J replies, diplomatically. "I love my mom, my pops and my sisters, they all understand me and what I go through, so as long as you got that backbone and you're healthy and you got people around you to just keep you going, that's more important than anything in life."

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In his usual style, Richie just keeps pushing the subject though, crediting Ray J with making celebrity sex tapes go mainstream, "You made it superstar status… let's make a tape lets get rich," Nik says.

"But, I've always advised people, don't go that route, 'cos we were lucky to still move forward and still be able to work, stay positive and still have different platforms to work from," Ray J says. "A lot of people tried and failed…they failed and now it's hard to work you know…I'd rather people tried to get their education or tried to hustle in different ways in this business than tried to take that kind of risk.

"A lot of this stuff is still kind of unhealthy, you can make a million dollars today and spend it all tomorrow .. you gotta look way down the line instead of right now," he continues.

"If I'm Ray J I'm like, 'I hit it first, it is what it is,'" Richie interjects.

"Someone hit it last, that's all ya gotta know… you just figure out your number, it could be first, it could be last, but as long as you're involved in that top ten you should feel good," Ray J says.

In case anyone is left in any doubt on the subject, Richie helpfully summarizes for those of us not as blessed in the brain department as he.

"Just so you understand the mathematics of it, Ray hit it first and we know who hit it last," Richie explains.

Amen to that.

You can listen to the whole interview at TheDirty.com.