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Pepsi Commercial mocks severity of police brutality

Ad agency behind this Pepsi commercial is now looking for employment!!

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Pepsi just capitalized on people's suffering.

Pepsi has apologized for a controversial ad that used imagery taken from the Black Lives Matter movement, after just one day of harsh criticism from those who said it minimized the importance of the many protests against the killings of black people by police officers.

"Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark and apologize," the company said in a statement on Wednesday. "We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout."

According to the New York Times, "The ad, posted to YouTube on Tuesday, shows attractive young people holding milquetoast signs with nonspecific pleas like 'Join the conversation.' The protesters are celebrating with laughing, clapping, hugging and high-fives."

At the commercial's pivotal scene, the obviously white Kendall Jenner offers a police officer a Pepsi, which the protesters react to negatively and the officer appreciates, which is contrary to what would really happen.

An image from the YouTube video titled, "Pepsi "Live For Now Moments Anthem" starring Kendall Jenner & feat. "Lions" by Skip Marley. CreditPepsi Global, via YouTube

The New York Times article continued, "After the ad was posted, people commenting on social media accused Pepsi of appropriating imagery from serious protests to sell its product, while minimizing the danger protesters encounter and the frustration they feel." People who fear for their lives every time an officer goes by are being mocked, including minorities who are targeted and profiled by police. It gives those who don't experience racial discrimination the wrong idea. It is very real and this country needs to be aware we live in a police state.

People are dying. The United States, and now Pepsi, is profiting from putting those who are not white in jail or simply taken out of the equation. It happens every day. Pespi has made it seem as this is untrue, strengthening the already ignorant opinion that police brutality is exaggerated. Get out there are see what is actually going on.

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