Real Estate Grapple With an Existential Crisis on "The Main Thing"

The New Jersey band's fifth album is out this week.

It's been over a decade since Real Estate released their self-titled debut album, effectively staking their claim in the trendy wave of beachy, hazy indie rock that rose around 2010.

But in the years since forming his band, frontman Martin Courtney admits he's faced an existential crisis. "[I was] wondering if being an artist is irresponsible or selfish, particularly with the world in the state that it's in, particularly as a parent of young kids," he explained in a statement. It's a feeling that drives "The Main Thing," the new title track from Real Estate's upcoming fifth studio album.

"Despite the crushing weight / Of all that's on our plate / Despite the true significance of / Everything at stake / I will stay true," Courtney croons over the song's sunkissed guitar riffs. The "main thing" that motivates him is his love for music, a passion that guides him even when doubt and difficulties try to steer him off course. "It's all I can do / The main, main thing."

Though its structure and lyricism are simple, "The Main Thing" serves as a compass. When you feel as though your work is inadequate or inconsequential, the song implies, following what makes you happy through it all is the best way to come out on top.

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