Who is Rebecca Black?
Rebecca Black is the 13-year-old singer behind "Friday," the song and video that went viral in March of 2011 and temporarily brought the internet to a standstill. The song's gratingly catchy chorus, absurd lyrics about eating cereal deliberating between car seats and highly unnatural general enthusiasm made "Friday" a watershed moment for pop ironists and became a begrudging favorite for many straight-faced pop fans as well. "Friday" would eventually rack up YouTube views in the tens of millions, and peaked near the top 20 in the iTunes charts, making Black a legitimate internet star.

So is she for real or what?
Yep. Black is your ordinary Orange County teen with an above-average voice who just happened to hook up with Ark Music Factory, a production team that sells teenagers the chance to make their very own Ark-produced pop song and video for $2,000 a pop. Given the choice between "Friday" and a more average-sounding love song, Black made the fateful decision to record "Friday," the song she felt she could better relate to as a young girl. The rest is surreal, auto-tuned history.

Did Black embrace the video's ironic reception?
Eventually. Black has said that while she was initially hurt by some of the mean comments coming from various corners of the internet, she has since come to accept her trademark song and everything that has come with it. Black has gone on to discuss "Friday" on talk shows like Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, performing an acoustic version of the song on the former and singing along to a live-band rendition of it on the latter.

Which one of those hundreds of Rebecca Black Twitter accounts is actually hers?
After being burned a couple times in the past, we're pretty sure that msrebeccablack is legitimately her. No less an authority than Ryan Seacrest helped her set it up, in fact.

Did one of her friends in the video also make a Tumblr or something?
Indeed. That would be Bennet "Benni" Cinkle, also known as "That Girl in Pink," or the weird-dancing girl sitting next to Black in the back seat of her friends' car in the "Friday" video. Cinkle has revealed that she and all of Black's other video friends are in fact friends with her in real life as well, at El Rancho Charter School in Anaheim Hills, CA. She's also made a video asking for fans to contribute clips of themselves dancing Cinkle-style awkwardly, for the chance to be her favorite.

Does Rebecca have any other songs?
Not yet—and in fact, beware of fakes like the too-easy "Prom Night." But we get the feeling we haven't heard the last of Rebecca Black just yet.