There's a colossal difference between Rebecca Black or team "yeah, I'm working on the album after 'Friday'" and them saying "yeah, well, it's an EP now, but we're totally working on it! TMZ swear!" Between that and the non-emergence of rumored follow-up single "LOL" (apparently the haters take precedence over laughter out loud), it really did seem like none of this was going to happen somehow, right? But no, MTV says, there really is an EP, and it's still due next month like she said.

In other Rebecca Black news, she wants to be taken seriously with "My Moment" and the like. Why not, after all? It's working for Kreayshawn and worked for Soulja Boy. Even the Gregory "Auto-Tune the News" brothers are getting some measure of post-viral OKness, if not fame. But--and here's the key--all of them embraced being a novelty to some extent. Putting some same note stretches(-fun-fun-fun) into the chorus of "My Moment" and making some vague allusions to naysayers amid the Kelly Clarkson/Hoff unmomentous moments doesn't count, because in trying to be all serious and stuff, Black's team has effectively excised any reason to listen.

But who knows? If she's got the clout to wrestle the YouTube username "rebecca" from the site--actually not that surprising, because "Friday" was awesome for the site--maybe she's got the clout to up the songwriting a notch or two. But then again, "My Moment" is the lead and ostensibly most surprising single, so maybe not. We wish Rebecca Black no ill will--she's just a kid--but it'd be nice if everyone else would just be honest about what's going on here.