It's been a whirlwind ride for Bennet "Benni" Cinkle, the 13-year-old girl best known (and yes, apparently she actually is pretty well known by now) for cruising alongside Rebecca Black in the backseat of her friends' ride in the "Friday" video. Within a week she had her own Tumblr page, and now she's taken to YouTube herself, posting a video answering your most frequently asked questions. Cinkle, who comes across as likeably self-possessed, holds forth on topics ranging from her dancing, to her braces, to Justin Bieber, to the length of her driveway. (We think—hope—that that last one isn't euphemistic.)

Some of the highlights:

  • On Rebecca: "They ask me if I actually know Rebecca, and yeah, I do. Everyone in the video, we all go to school together, but some of the people choose not to have their names out...but we all know each other, we're all good friends."
  • On the .gifs: "It's odd, to like, go through Tumblr, and see my face just, like, dancing on everyone's profiles. I didn't really expect that...but I like the one, I don't know who made it or where it came from, but where someone put an accordion between my hands. That one's my favorite one."
  • On Bieb-Related Swag: "I have his cardboard cutout, I have two calendars, I have his doll, I went to his movies twice, I went to his cardboard, I have all of his shirts, I have bracelets of him, and I…I just really love him."
  • On Marriage Proposals: "I get a lot of questions asking if I'll marry people. So I just want to say that yes, I will marry you. I will, in fact, marry you. All of you."
  • On Her "Friday" Dancing: "The producers told me to be silly and weird, so I was just like…um, OK? Like, I didn't really know what that meant. So I was just weird, and this [moves arms around awkwardly] kinda came they put it in."
  • On Dancing With You: "The most frequent question I get is probably: 'Can I dance with you?'...And so, we figured out that we should…you guys can post a video of yourself dancing—like me, or however you wanna dance—in the video responses, and I'm gonna pick my favorite one...and whichever one I like the most will have a video shoutout, and we can dance together, and we'll take pictures, and I'll promo you on my tumblr, if you have one, and…yeah. You can be my favorite."

Thanks again to Benni for doing so much of the heavy lifting in the "Friday" exposition. You can see her talk about all the above matters, as well as her braces, her recent conversion to vegetarianism, and yes, the length of her driveway (128 feet long!!), here: