Hot off the announcement yesterday that her new smash "Friday" would be made available for download on iTunes, the Blackheads™ have come out in droves in a show-of-support for their 13-year-old overlord. Thus, Rebecca Black currently sits at No. 83 and climbing on the iTunes Top 100 Songs charts, two above Warren G. and Nate Dogg's obit-boosted classic "Regulate." Black, currently enjoying an uninterrupted streak of trending-topicdom this week, tweeted her excitement:

[blackbirdpie url="!/_RebeccaBlack_/status/48040033520861184"]

The first of many such top 85 hits to come for Ms. Black, no doubt. And while you're waiting for that to download, you can also check out Ark Music Factory labelmate Jenna Rose's similarly brain-batting video for "My Jeans" (hook: "Hannah Montana is wearing my jeans / Ashley Tisdale is wearing my jeans," etc.) No less reputable a source than Time magazine lists Rose as one of "Three Kids Who Could Be the Next Rebecca Black." But does the 12-year-old really have what it takes to grab the brass ring? See for yourself: