Rebel Wilson is a Little Monster, Wants Bryan Cranston as Her Backup Singer

Rebel Wilson, of Bridesmaids and Bachelorette fame, is currently taking a timeout from the wedding movie circuit to star in Pitch Perfect, a sort of Glee for the big screen, only with more Blackstreet. For a film that focuses on collegiate a cappella and group choreography, it's understandable that late-night hosts would ask Wilson about her own singing ability. "A lot of people sing from their chest voice, but I sing from my breast voice," she said during a stop on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, as fellow guest Bryan Cranston looked on. "It's a new thing that I do."

This led to an a cappella version of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory," propelled by thunderous hand-to-chest claps, impromptu couch choreography and flying heels, which caused Walter White to crouch behind some NBC-owned pillows. For a brief moment Cranston was given the microphone and encouraged to singing backing vocals, but it's clear Wilson really wanted the glory all to herself. With this tribute to Gaga, and former Monster Ball backup singer Chevonne making it through blind auditions on The Voice last night, we're sure Mother Monster was looking down approvingly as her children spread their wings and flew off into the real world, or searching for a new way to shake these imitators who threaten to dethrone her as fast as she can. Watch below.

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