Quick! Why is the majority of Billboard's pop top 40 chart--a completely separate chart from the dance chart--composed of dance music? Is it the influence of producers like David Guetta and Afrojack adapting dance trends? Is it bandwagon-scramblers like will.i.am? Is it something waffly and lofty like maybe America just wants to dance their cares, of which they have many now, away? None of the above are correct! Neither is any answer you probably came up with yourself, because dance's popularity of late owes itself to "Party Rock Anthem." Said Redfoo, an expert on at least one of those subjects:

I think it just brought us into the households via the video, and it just got everybody more into dance music, because now they can shuffle, and so it was just a big thing. I think for some of the critics, being #1 for six weeks in a row on the Billboard, people said, 'Now this is a real thing.'

Whatever you say, Red. We personally would never have set foot into a club before we were armed with the Drano-like knowledge of the Melbourne shuffle, and we know few others would be that brave. At any rate, we as critics are certainly informed that you are a "real thing," and we'll be sure to watch you a lot closer lest we fail to connect music's next big trend (which will arrive, sometime, we think) to your influence. Or Shufflebot's, anyway.