RedOne Did The Film Score For Lifetime's Whitney Houston Biopic

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If there's one person that Whitney Houston probably didn't want scoring a film about her life, it's RedOne. The Europop producer has created danceable, autotuned hits for the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj, and later this month he'll officially venture into film-scoring with Lifetime's biopic of the late singer, Whitney.

"From the iconic songs to scoring, the RedOne team completely and utterly delivered in every way on Whitney," director Angela Bassett said in a statement. "Their enthusiasm and masterful skill was‎ ‎matched only by their 24/7 desire to help me tell a compelling story — I couldn't have had a better crew to get me over the finish line."

Angela, please--Whitney wouldn't have even let RedOne REMIX one of her songs, let alone score a movie on her life!

However, for better or worse, Houston's voice won't actually appear in Whitney after her family declined to give producers the rights to her original recordings.

Instead, Deborah Cox will provide the vocals.

In other words, this Lifetime biopic is just a collection of RedOne-produced Whitney Houston karaoke sung by the woman that featured on Same Script, Different Cast.

Whitney premieres on January 17.